You know, a person can read a book about it or sit in on a class and have someone say 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock
and hold that wrist tight all day in preparation to learn fly fishing.

Those things are all good and will improve your depth into the sport of fly fishing but we think a person can learn
the "art" of fly fishing best by watching the subleties of an experienced hand working the river and always willing to guide you.
Not catching too many fish? Could be you just want to relax and enjoy the singing, soothing waters.
But if you do want to catch fish and are new to fly fishing then watch closely the cast and how the fly is worked with the current.
Ask a question here and there. Remember that a good short cast is better than a long poor one. Usually.

Some clients will be more experienced than the guide or one of those few people who just seem to have a knack for fishing.
Either way, or new to fly fishing, we hope you make your backing every time out.

A wise man once said "If you want to catch fish you have to spend time on the water".

Another man said "A person shouldn't be allowed to catch a fish if he doesn't know how".

We say "Come to the river and enjoy it. It really is like opening the door to another world, right in your own backyard".