Fishing report 24 April 2007

Glenmore Trail - 22X
It must have been arrogantly that I brought only my few "best flies", nymphs and streamers, and here
the mayflies were hatching all day long. Lost a very nice fish, hit in the first 30 minutes. He pulled hard,
then bent and spit out my hook. May be it was the 15 pounder I've been trying to catch! Caught only
one brown all day, a couple of hits too, but didn't start fishing hard 'til after lunch. Sat anchored at the
Last Chance Hotel, across from the take out at Fish Creek and watched a gent catch three fish in front
of my nose. Reeling in after my last cast, arrogant no longer, I nosed my canoe over to the shore and
asked the way of what was working so well. Sure enough, mayflies on the dry.

Fish Creek dirts up the West side of the river at the confluence.
The geese are busy nesting their clutches so watch your step!

On the river 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.

Flow:68.8 cms
Water Temp: NA°C