Fishing report 19 Sept. 2006

Glenmore Trail - 22X
Cloudy, cool day in a blue canoe..........................but hot
fishing. 10+ fish to the boat. Water clarity 3 foot. No hatches. Fish
were all dancing browns, 10-16 inches caught on streamers (wooly worm +
BR Bugger). Fish in the faster seams and a couple along banks.
Very little surface activity. Off the river 3:30PM.

Sam (the dog) gets too excited when the fish get close to the boat and
almost jumped/fell in the water at one point. My previous Sam couldn't
swim so I don't think this one can either. I dumped the old Sam out of
the canoe in a lake once to see him swim the first time and it was just
like that bugs bunny cartoon where he goes down once.......twice........
and I grabbed him by the collar on number three. Don't kick their hind
legs for some reason. Before this I believed, someone told me too, that
all dogs could swim. Not so.

Flow:71.8 cms
Temp:10.8 °C