Fishing report 26 Sept. 2006

Glenmore Trail - 22X
Cloudy day with occasional rain showers. Water clarity maybe 2 foot.
4 fish to the boat. Only nice fish caught in the first 15min., a
17-18 inch brown. Seemed like I fished hard for few fish compared
to last weeks' fishin' but always a good day spent on our river.
Green wooly bugger working. One hit on a brown wooly worm. Tried..
dries (olive elk hair caddis) for a half hour when some were rising,
bead head nymphs,muddler minnow, bow river bugger, leeches, prince nymph,
san juan worm. Off the river 4:30PM.

"Your line must always be fastened securely to the axle of the spool.
If you forget once and a fish strips the reel naked, you deserve several
kicks. If you forget a second time, you're not worth kicking."
- Eric Taverner - The Angler's Weekend Book

Water Temp:12.2°C