Fishing report 17 Oct. 2006

Glenmore Trail - 22X
Frosty. Had to keep breaking the ice off of the line guides in the AM.
Turned nice with the sun out in the afternoon, that's when the fish stopped biting.
Still catching mostly browns in this section. 7 browns and 1 rainbow to the boat.
No surface action seen today. Water clarity 2-3 foot. Working was the san juan
worm and wooly worm. No other boats, one spin fisher on the shore. Great day!

Fish Rescue Story
I have been trying to train my dog Sam not to get so excited when fish get close to
the boat as he can't swim and I don't want to see either of us get put in the drink
especially this time of year. I brought in one of the larger browns I caught for Sam
to have a closer look. A couple of sniffs and a lick started up Sam's instincts and
stomach to growling and just as the K-9 jaws started to close down on the inviting
fish flesh I realized this wasn't anymore play and snatched the trout clear of harm
and the teeth snapped shut emptily and I released it, wary now I'm sure of dogs.
This one was indeed, the one that got away.

On the river 9:30AM-3:30PM.

Flow:75.5 cms
Water Temp: 8.0°C