Fishing report 24 Oct. 2006

Glenmore Trail - 22X
Cool cloudy day, in the morning, warm in the afternoon.
The fishing was fairly slow in the AM. Picked up only 2 browns and
1 whitefish. Became spectacular with the weather though in the
afternoon. Tried fishing the head ponds about 2:30 and started
reeeeeeling them in steady and in bunches 'til my takeout time.
15+ browns and 3 rainbows to the boat. Lots of misses. No surface
feeding and just a very few risers. Water clarity 3 foot. Wooly bugger
was the best fly of the day. One other boat, lots of waders out
enjoying the afternoon. Great day........ didn't want to leave!

On the river 9:00AM-5:15PM.

Flow:68.1 cms
Water Temp: 7.2°C