Fishing Report 22 April 2014

Glenmore Trail - 22X Fish Creek

Earth Day! today and it was a great day to be out on the water. Started off warm
but ended a little cooler than I expected and had to don a windbreaker when the
North wind began to breeze. The trout were scarce or missed until I netted the first
spunky rainbow at 2 PM, not long before my planned take out. The first, second,
and third trout took a prince's nymph which is a little odd this time of year for
them. The whitefish were abundant though and I'm sure I could have stayed and
the one earlier hole and caught them all day long! Their favorite was a hairs ear
nymph, which was not odd at all. The mating midges were many on and over the
water. The whitefish took a small few but there was no trout surface activity at
all. The Canada Geese are just beginning to nest this time of year and that means
they are loud when approached. Emphatic. They prefer the islands in the river to
nest as it protects their young from land predators and the odd, wayward, human
foot. Careful! A short day but I had a good look around!


On the river 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM