Fishing Report 25 May 2010

Glenmore Trail - Fish Creek Park

On the river 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM.

Sunshine and fish, cloud and again sunshine and fish. Often it is the opposite with the fish
becoming more active under cloud cover. But not today. One of those days too which
saw many lost fish, though if the fish were needed to feed my family it still would have
been a feast. Best moments were halfway through the float due to a school of large browns.
Three casts met with three fish but two of the three were long distance releases. I had a line
break near the end of the run and nearly didn't rig back up as there was only about 0.4 km
remaining. I did though and met the best fish of the day, a 22 inch brown just upstream of
the takeout in swift current that ran well into the backing line. Water still glacially clear however
the water level is risen a foot since last week. Fish were caught on prince's and pheasant tail
nymphs. Quite a few browns and whitefish. The rainbows leave the river to spawn in the spring-
time and I expect they must be up into the creeks as only a couple of the smaller ones were caught.