Fishing Report 09 June 2009

Glenmore Trail - Fish Creek Park

Been a reel Rocky Mountain Whitefish spring this year. Don't know if it was
the unsteady spring weather, the late and low spring run-off, or the plentiful
Didymo algae in the river but the browns and rainbows largely ignored most
offerings. On the other hand a gold ribbed hares ear drifted through any deep
hold was almost sure to drag in a whitefish. This week the troubling algae is
gone, died off or swept away downstream in the increased spring flow, and
today started with the first four fish being all whitefish. Alas on the second
hole I fished the browns and rainbows did finally come out to play. Best fish
was an eighteen inch head tossing brown that fought mostly on the surface
and spit out my fly on the first opportunity of slack line, which fortunately was
just after she reached the net. Best fly was nymphing a pheasant tail along
the current edges. Three other boats and a spattering of fisher people along
the shoreline. Clarity about two foot. Fish Creek put in muddy. It was a
wonderful day.

On the river 9 AM - 3 PM.

FLOW 5.7 km/hr
TRIP 14.1 km

Water temp (surface) = 54°F,  12°C