Fishing Report 24 June 2008

Glenmore Trail - 22X
The river has lost much of her spring torrent but still flowing fast and dirty.
Visibility 1 foot but gone thankfully is the floating algae that so plagued the
waters pre run-off. Two fish was enough to make the day and had to put
the fly right in front of their noses for them to see it. "Never ignore a feeding
fish" is an axiom I hold with and the truth of it today was a twenty  inch
post spawn torpedo shaped rainbow I found feeding in the foam at a storm
water gate. Head down, she held me in the current, tail up, pushing for the
river bottom. Two other boats waited out the morning rain, two fly fisherman
and two spin fishers on shore opposite Fish Creek launch. I watched all four
after loading up the boat for a good half hour. The spinners have the range,
the fly casters the depth, but none took fish while I sat and contented myself
on the park bench. Fish took on a beaded leech pattern, another smaller
rainbow on a hares ear. Surprise good weather, great day!

On the river 9 AM - 2:45 PM.

FLOW 7.1 km/hr
TRIP 14.5 km
MAX SPEED 12.2 km/hr