Fishing Report 04 July 2014

Glenmore Trail - 22X Fish Creek

The first trout of the day was a fine healthy Brown. All right! Always good to
see the Browns. Turned out I had just the one chance to net him as the hook came
free just as soon as the net was under him, close to the shoreline, and my net stroke
was true.He took a #16 copper john, the bottom fly on a two nymph rig, and I can't
remember if I checked the hook closely or not as I would normally. Sure wish I did.
A very few casts later came the most exciting, inspirational, fun moment of the day.
I knew straight away that it was a Rainbow trout that took the same fly. A big one.
The Brown stayed down but the rainbow made one run and then took to the air.
Jumped and then seemed to skid upriver five meters along the water with only its
tail touching the surface. Man, wish I could walk on the water like that! Well, only
sometimes. He took one more quick run, jumped again, and then my line went slack.
When I looked at the fly it was bent. Not sure if it was the Brown or the Rainbow
that did it! Must have been the rainbow I think. Lost another nice Rainbow further
downstream. A black leech streamer fished in the faster water was effective when
the fish weren't taking nymphs in the slower seams. Four different flys took fish.
A prince's nymph and a stonefly were the other two. Lots of pelicans on the river.
A cormorant flew upriver close over the water. A large number of crows, must have
been forty, circled together just over the nearby cottonwood trees. A long spring
run off this year kept me off of the river and I was tired out I noticed, only though,
when I arrived home. A good tired!


On the river 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM