Fishing Report 12 August 2008

Glenmore Trail - Policeman's Flats
First fish was caught not far downstream of the launch so I thought this was going
to be a good fish day and....... it was. Fish were away from the shoreline and I had
far better results this week fishing from the boat. Stayed with the same hot fly combo
all day and lost count of the fish taken. Cloudy day with sunny periods and a clear
River. First few battles were on a copper john tail fly but the stonefly husks were
drying on the rocks so I stayed with a golden stone as the top fly and it drew the
larger fish for the day. Browns, rainbows and whitefish. Only two other boats but
many fisher people in action from the banks. Largest fish was a huge whitefish and
the best fish was a nineteen inch rainbow that gave good fight. Rolled a very huge
fish I could see him clearly, high on the bank fishing a favorite pool that I'm thinking
was a great brown and lost a jumbo three footer jumping rainbow after five minutes
of frolicking over the water. One of those days where it all comes together!

On the river 9 AM - 3:00 PM.

FLOW 5.8 km/hr
TRIP 24.2 km
MAX SPEED 10.6 km/hr