Fishing Report 18 August 2009

Glenmore Trail - Fish Creek Park
Sunshine filled the morning, thunderclouds formed in the afternoon
and we stayed off the rain until we had made our way back again
home. A reel head-shaking day was today. If I discount a small fry,
the first nine fish, two of them 20+ inches, were all given up on long
distance releases. There was a little jumping but mostly they stayed
below the surface and ......... shook their heads until the barbless
hook became dislodged. Four, five, seven times and then run a ways
and then stop again and then the shaking. Well, by the fifth fish I too
was shaking my head. Sharpened the hooks, the fish were hitting both
a prince's nymph and a copper john, kept their heads up on the play,
yet still lost the next ones in precisely the same manner. Summer
behavior on the Bow. Was I out to play with the fish?!

On the river 9:00 AM - 300 PM.