Fishing Report 19 August 2008

Glenmore Trail - Policeman's Flats
A slow start for the day at least in getting one to the net. The most interesting fish
was when I was sitting on a high bank rigging up after losing a couple of flies to the
river bottom and hand tossed the new rig over the bank and bent over to untangle
the loop at the tip. I lifted the rod up when I felt a snag on the grass but it was stuck
so I leaned over further to free the hook and a big 'ol brown trout was attached to
the end of my line. In the race to untangle the loop and free the line to run, I watched
the trout speed away and break the line and win. A close second won a memory I'll
keep and a hat tip to the brown for making me smile. I had a few instances of action
yet only one caught until then and sadly, that was my last #18 copper john, having
lost another battle earlier with a rainbow. I switched out for a "red-headed" prince's
nymph and brought in eight or nine nice ones after that. The best fish was a fat 23"
brown found in a pool near the bank as were most of them that were caught. I
worked out a system with young (8) Noah where when I hooked one I would take
up any slack line on to the reel and pass him the fish while I made for the shoreline
for the landing and we both had a ton of fun! Great day! Small amounts of mayflies
seen and some huge blankets of midges. Clear, summer low water and we had the
river nearly to ourselves.

On the river 9 AM - 4:00 PM.

Water Temp (surface) =  17°C, (62°F)

FLOW 5.9 km/hr
TRIP 24.2 km
MAX SPEED 10.6 km/hr