Fishing Report 22 August 2011

 Glenmore Trail - Policeman's Flats

 An enchanting early morning whitetail graced us while she was taking on a little water and posed for a
 photo before meandering off into the cover of the trees. A deer. An early morning deer. Working in the
 country of Jordan in days long past now, there was oasis I passed through on the way to the capitol
 after spending weeks in the sand blown desert. There are wonderous things, rings, in the desert to be
 sure but seeing those majestic green trees was so soothing I can never forget. Like seeing a deer. Hey
 Lord? Grandfather wrote a poem about that once.

    There came a distant honking
    An old familiar cry
    A V-like chain appearing
    From out of the Northern sky

    I spoke of how it thrilled me
    The wonder of it all
    That's nothing, my companion said,
    Geese migrate every Fall

 We stopped, hoping to coax some trout but none were taking at this sometimes good hole this day. It
 wasn't long downstream though when the first rainbow tugged on the bottom fly in the rig.  Been seeing
 black waterfowl flying closely over the water this year and at the island lunch one of them perched in a
 tree across the way overlooking a pool created by a large rock. The double breasted cormorants are
 fishers as well and I saw a picture of one enjoying a very large whitefish.

    I saw the gray old Gander
    Alert and keen of eye
    A bold and dauntless Leader
    The Monarch of the sky

    I saw the far-flung waters
    Of the Gulf of Mexico
    The mighty frozen Northland
    And it's leagues of swirling snow

 Later, cruising past Fish Creek Park a trophy brown just made it into the net before tossing the #16 fly
 after bending the hook several degrees. The water was low and clear and the day was memorable.


    I saw the God that made them
    The God of Hope and Peace
    But, my friend beside me
    Saw just a flock of geese

On the river 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.