Fishing Report 27 August 2013

Policeman's Flats - McKinnons

The fishing was excellent today. Tried foam hoppers with a nymph dropper to
no avail. Stone flies could be seen drying on the rocks but fish were not interested
in stone flies. A nice hatch of tricos but no rising activity for them. The ticket was
a weighted prince's nymph paired with a copper john #16. A lot of hook ups. I
lost many with one or two hands on the paddle. I expect that but this lets me know
what the fish are taking. I always have better to the net luck when I stop and work
the holes but today I meandered down and didn't stop. Best fish was a 20 inch
rainbow, a trophy. A saw his dorsal fin as he sipped the surface while drifting so I
dropped anchor and cast into the seam where he was feeding. Made a couple of
nice runs and some fine aerobatics! The "Never ignore a feeding fish" axiom held
true once again. All rainbows, the ones that made the net anyway. The wind changed
direction often, seemingly with each bend in the river. The Highwood put in with a
little color but not with the mud that the dredging was producing a couple of weeks
back yet the fishing was still better above.


On the river 9:30 AM - 3:20 PM