Fishing Report 31 August 2010

Glenmore Trail - Policeman's Flats

On the river 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Once during the trip I ran into a school of smaller browns and it was fun having them strike every second
or third cast. Otherwise it was just steady fishing throughout the day. A spare rod rigged with a handsome
dry never wetted the surface as nymphing a prince's nymph paired with a size sixteen copper john lazily
catted brought in plenty of fish. Nearly zero rising activity even through the late morning hatches in any
case. Never was too sure which nymph was working the best as most of the fish threw the hook some-
where in the net. Browsing through a fly shop recently I heard someone remark negative about using
barbless hooks but played properly most of the hooked fish cannot escape the fisherman's net is the way
of it. The largest fish was the last one, a 25 inch brown. She was thicker and fuller than the rainbows I
had been catching and made a powerful upriver run as I was moving down still at river speed. The best
rainbow was somewhere just above twenty inches. I remember thinking the rainbows seemed a little thin
for this time of year but they fought well enough. That's sure! Fish were mostly in the softer water near
almost hidden seams. A beautiful and warm late summer day for running the clear river.