Spirit Wolf CoverThe Spirit Wolf  -  A novel by Stephen Stewart

When one is immortal, time equals memory and before the Earth existed there was only space, celestial bodies and time. When the Earth was   created, the Great Spirit placed two beings upon it to guard the world. These beings were pulled from the heavens and given the earthly form of wolves. Spirit Wolves!

Through the countless millennia they have existed among us, hidden from mankind, living their lives together in perfect harmony with the world ... until now!

Although a work of hopeful fiction, this book draws heavily upon my own true-life experiences as an exploration surveyor. Many of the facts, poetic descriptions, and colourful characters come from the two decades I spent in the wildernesses of North America, South America and the Middle East. I like to characterize it as a love story between two wolves, but above all this novel is a message of hope in dark times. Historical figures such as Erik the Red, Sitting Bull, the Clovis People, and the gentle Baiji are also used to convey the question I ask: How can we make the world a better place?

The primary setting is the Province of Alberta, Canada, beginning in the lower Peace Country area between Grande Cache and Grande Prairie, follows the Rocky Mountains south to the Crowsnest Pass and the story culminates in Calgary.

Original tales are told of the Arctic in
winter, Jordan (the Switzerland of the Arab world), Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Montana, Wyoming Old West.

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