The Bow River fishery is so renowned not just for the sheer numbers of
trout she holds, an estimated 2500 trout per mile, but for the large size
of the fish she produces and that can be regularly caught.

Imagine. The 100 meters of back channel from the launch out to the river
main is poled after which the pole is switched out for a Grey Owl paddle
in the slack water before the confluence. From this point forward the trip
is unique, made so by the ever changing river and its inhabitants. 17 kilo-
meters as the crow flies yet over 22 kilometers along the river's path, our
take point will be at Policeman's Flats, a wilderness day beginning within
the city and ending just outside the limits.

We begin the day with a safety and orientation meeting on site at Graves
Landing once the boat and equipment are rigged. Calgary shuttle is included.

Drift Boat - super stable and comfortable.

Canoe - stealth quiet and highly maneuverable.

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Required - Alberta Fishing Licence (if fishing)

PRICING 2018!!!

DRIFT BOAT - 1 or 2 Persons
$550.00 -Graves Landing to Policemans Flats.
$575.00 -Policemans Flats to McKinnons.
$595.00 -McKinnons to Carseland.

CANOE - 1 Person
$450.00 -Graves Landing to Policemans Flats.
$475.00 -Policemans Flats to McKinnons.
$500.00 -McKinnons to Carseland.

Ask about adding a third person viewing position to our drift boat!

All prices Canadian!
A deposit in the amount of 50% of your total trip/package price is due upon booking.
Please review our deposit policies.